Beenleigh Pet Motel

128 Sharton Av Buccan (Beenleigh) 4207 07 3200 5764

Visiting hours 8am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm

Monday to Saturday

Grooming and Pick up:


Grooming demoYour dog or cat can be professionally groomed during his or her stay or as a day guest in our fully equipped grooming salon or mobile unit at your place.

Pick up service Our purpose built air coinditioned caddy van can pick up and deliver your pets, in comfort, for those families with a busy lifestyle or you just don't want to mess up your car.vwvan


We cater for all breeds.  regrooms

Large breeds have a raised drinking bowl for their comfort. Comfy beds, freshly laundered bedding and quality food make the experience that much better. 



Extra Services:

Playtime Our 30 minute playtime sessions keep your dog stimulated and encourage your older dog to exercise.


Canine Cocktails Our canine cocktails are designed with the specific needs of your dog. Whether he be older, prone to anxiety, reluctant to eat or just need a cooling or warming drink as a treat.




 Filtered Drinking fHire a filtered water fountainountain hire. 

Cats especially need clean fresh drinking water.  These water filtered water fountains can be hired for your cats stay.

Deluxe rooms:

Deluxe rooms cater for your spoilt pooch or cat while you are on holiday. 


Our dog care rooms boast single size beds for the larger dog, huge private runs, lounge chairs, colour T.V., a private artificial grassed toileting area and a backyard size run.



Your cat can spend time lazing around in the sun or explore the swinging tyres, playgyms and suspended walkways in thier own outside courtyard.

delux rooms for your cat



Thank you

boxerpupSome of the comments our customers have made

'thankyou so much for looking after my dog so well while we were away for the school hols. He came home in great condition and happy. I had a great rest with my mind at ease.See you next time I get to have a break from life.


Updated: July 2015


rock n roll

New deluxe room

Rock n Roll Suite Bring out the ELVIS in your hound dog.  Our newly designed deluxe rooms with an enormous courtyard for him to groove in.

Updated: August 15

Relax in a Rainforest:

Executive rooms

Executive rainforest rooms    for extremes of weather, the nervous, heat or sun sensitive dog. Engineer designed to reduce extremes of sound, wind, heat and cold, these rooms have a calm atmosphere of rainforest sounds. Great for dogs who tend to stress in normal kennels.

Updated: August 2015

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Open Monday to Saturday 8am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm

Tours available Monday to Saturday.

128 Sharton Av Buccan 4207

07 3200 5764

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Contact form: simply enter your details to book and we will confirm either by phone, text or email


The Motel

  • Reliable for over 25 years Licenced since 1975 and opperated by the present owners since 1988 on large bushy acres, each building was built to the highest of standards with your pets comfort in mind and take advantage of the northern aspects of each building.
  • Security and Safety The cattery is positioned far away from the dogcare wings of the acreage with the office central. Designed to make check in simple and the double doors and gates for security.
  • The property Landscaped gardens, lawns and scenic rim views offer a tranquil place of rest and large grassed play areas for fun.
  • Convenient location Positioned close to the M1 and Ipswich motorways within a 10 minute trip.

The rooms

Variety: Available is a variety of size and types of rooms, cleaned daily, will enable a room to suit every budget and every pets needs.

Comfort Our dog care rooms are either air conditioned or flow through fanned and the cattery is temperature conrolled using flow through cooling and heating systems for reduction in shared air.

Quality Our pet furniture, meals and treats are of the highest quality. Our variety of bedding and canvass metal framed beds and the artifical grass are designed for ease of cleaning and for the best sanitary and health condtions for your pet.

The Team

Our team have many years of experience in all aspects of pet care and grooming, including first aid training, recognising illness, behaviour training and correction.

The Service

  • Pick up and delivery service all hours all places prearranged.
  • Care to all breeds of dogs and cats as well as elderly, post vet opperation, diabetic, epileptic and in need of other medical attention.
  • Our grooming salon and mobile grooming service is available to guests as well as other
  • Positioned close to the M1 and Ipswich motorways within a 10 minute trip.


Beenleigh Pet Motel is part of our local wider growing community as well as having 25 year membership with Dogs Qld and other business and pet related associations. Helping local events, local kids, work experience in conjuction with local businesses, rescue groups, Logan City Council and local schools.






Extraordinary pet care for extraordinary pets!

07 32005764: 128 Sharton Av Buccan 4207

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Extraordinary petcare for extraordinary pets!
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