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Accommodation for Cats

Beenleigh Pet Motel cater for cats. 

Our cat care facilities are set in it’s own quiet private tiger themed garden area. Your cat will not be housed with other cats from different families ensuring there is no risk of infection from litter trays or fights resulting in scratches or injuries.

All cats are required to have a current F3 vaccination.

We have three types of accommodation for your cats.
All our current rates are a daily rate per pet and include GST. Pets departing before 10am are not charged for that day. Long term rates are available for over 28 days.

Eftpos and Credit card facilities. All prices subject to change without notice.

Cattery Beenleigh

Deluxe Room

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Attached to your cats deluxe room is an outside garden area with hanging climbing frames and suspended walking planks and hammocks. Your cat can stay in his own deluxe room with a secure outside verandah area attached. This spacious private accommodation provides a happy and calm atmosphere while providing fun challenges in the outside play area. Families of cats can be boarded together. For extra large families, each deluxe room can house families of as many as six cats.

Prices (per day)

One cat: $27.00
Two cats shared: $22.00 each
Three cats shared: $20.00 each
Four cats shared: $17.00 each

Walk-in Rooms

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A full room with hidey holes, cat furniture and a window ledge from which they can view the wild birds, rainforest gardens and enjoy the sunny window ledge. These spacious walk in rooms for your cat, each with it’s own window has plenty of room to pounce and play.

Prices (per day)

One cat shared:  $24.00
Two cats shared: $20.00 each
Three cats shared: $18.00 each

Double & Single Rooms

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Our double rooms have two levels in which your cat can explore. The botton level houses litter tray and toys. The top level has bedding and bowls. The porthole has cat friendly stairs or a ramp for older or really chubby pussy cats.

Single rooms are a good option for inactive or the older cat. The single room is a ecconomical option for quality care.

Prices (per day)

Single room: $17.00
Double room: $20.00

Health and happiness of your cat.

We use only the best quality products for diet, flea control, cat litter and cleaning.

Fleas and worms are treated promptly.  It is important that you tell us if you have treated your cat for either, with any product. We may need to use a flea treatment for your cat’s comfort. A small fee will be added to your bill and the comfort of your cat is ensured.

Why Beenleigh Pet Motel

  • Spacious private rooms
  • Security a priority
  • Quality meals
  • Pick up and delivery
  • Vaccinated cats only
  • Daily hire filtered water fountain
  • Grooming, nail clip and furniture savers coloured nail caps
  • Flea treatments available
  • Staff trained to recognise illness
  • Vet on call at all times

Extra Services

Cattery Beenleigh
Cat Grooming Nail colour


Your dog will be bathed prior to going home free with a 7 or more day stay. Grooming, salon clipping and bathing can be done during his stay or as a day guest.

Grooming Your dog or cat can be professionally groomed during his or her stay using our fully equipped grooming room. Bath, Clipping, nail care, and colouring.

For details see out grooming page.

cat relaxed


$25 per 20 min session.

Subject to availability, your cat or dog can be pampered with a 20 minute massage by one of of our two qualified pet massage therapists. Massage benefits a number of elements including reducing stress reducing soreness in areas thought to be causing pain, arthritis or mobility restrictions. Book in a session ahead or enquire about availability when you arrive at our office either with your groom or while staying at Beenleigh Pet Motel.

water fountain

Hire a filtered water fountain

$2 per day

Cats are commonly afflicted with kidney desease and prevention strategies are to encourage them to drink more fresh water. As moving water is more often drunk than still water, our filtered waterfountains encourage the drinking of water as well as filtering any impurities with carbon granuals.

Peak holiday times (Queensland school holidays) attract a $2 surcharge per day per cat or dog and 50c extra for birds and guinea pigs. Easter and Christmas requires full payment when booking. 50% of this payment is refundable if cancelled eight (8) weeks prior to your pets’ entry date.

Pick Up and Delivery Local area in Queensland

Post codes 4114 4118 4127 4128 4129 4130 4131 4132 4133 4205 4207 4208

includes Beenleigh, Waterford, Edens Landing, Windaroo, Bethania, Eagleby, Bahrs Scrub, Logan Village, Buccan, Mt Warren Park, Ormeau, Loganlea, Logan reserve, Yatala, Loganholme, Woodridge, Kingston, Eight Mile Plains, Daisy Hill, Shailer Park, Marsden, Waterford West, Tamborine, Jimboomba, Tanah Merah, Woodlands and Luscombe.

  • Local Area each way: $30
  • Adjacent local area: $40
  • City Gold Coast:  $50 approx.
  • Northside Airport : $70 approx.
  • Other areas and overseas quoted on request.

If in the remote chance your pet needs to see a vet during his/her stay or you have a prearranged appointment already set up, the vet fee will be forwarded on to you plus an extra $22 for transport to the vet. We will use your own vet (if local) and safe to do so. Emergencies will be taken to our vet (24 hour service available). It is advised to notify your vet that they are staying with us and have a direct payment system set up with them.

Fleas Ticks Includes flea wash, spot on treatment or Capstar: $25

Worming Allwormer for intestinal worms : as priced

Dimitrol monthly heartworm treatment chewy tab: as priced

shampoos & products A range of Fidos shampoos, flea control and grooming products at competitive prices.

such as diabetic insulin injections, antibiotics or epilepsy

meds provided by you: $2.20 daily

Food supplements, spot on treatments or heartworm prevention, provided by you or bought at reception, administered at no extra charge unless for diabetic and epileptic meds required at specific times.

Call 3200 5764 for Booking or Enquiries.

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