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Guinea Pig

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Pet Rats, Mice, guinea pigs, laying hens and other poultry.
At Beenleigh Pet Motel, we love to care for pet lizards, rats and mice. We have specialized lizard housing with heating and lighting.  We have a dedicated bird/small pet room with a north facing large windows attached to our office. We spend time with your chatty birds and handle your pets if they are used to being handled.  We have specialised lizard, guinea pig, parrot, bird food appropriate for the pet we care for.  We have clean safe guinea pig hutches and housing cages for your birds if you have a large cage unsuitable to transport. Your laying hens, ducks or other poultry are kept in a safe secure chook tractor and can house up to six. Special laying boxes and waterers are included. Only the best laying mash is fed. The tractor can be moved around the grassed area so they have greens to peck at.


Caged Birds

Beenleigh Pet Motel care for all your small pets
Our  sunny avery room is situated  near our reception and the birds in their own cage get daily attention. We love listening their the words and antics you have taught them. We have a selection of small and large parrot mix, laurakeet food, as well as a selection of bird safe nuts, and fresh fruit provided as per your instructions. We can provide challenging chew toys with hiden food if needed.

Accommodation Prices


Birds and Small Animal Care Accommodation Price

Small pets $4.40 per day Guinea pigs, mice, rats, small caged birds.

Large birds and lizards:  $7.70 per day large parrots and large caged birds

Hens/Ducks/Poultry  $2.20 each per day in our chook tractors


Peak Holiday Times

Peak holiday times (Queensland school holidays) attract a 50c extra for birds and guinea pigs. Easter and Christmas requires full payment when booking. 50% of this payment is refundable if cancelled eight (8) weeks prior to your pets’ entry date.


All prices subject to change without notice.

Vet Visits

If in the remote chance your pet needs to see a vet during his/her stay or you have a prearrranged appointment already set up, the vet fee will be forwarded on to you plus an extra $30 for transport to the vet. We will use your own vet (if local) and safe to do so. Emergencies will be taken to our vet (24 hour service available). It is advised to notify your vet that they are staying with us and have a direct payment system set up with them.

Call 3200 5764 for Booking or Enquiries.

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