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Pet Grooming

Salon grooming hydrobathing and mobile service

What does your dog or cat need?
Each breed and individual dog or cat groom, bath or treatment with be discussed with you on your first appointment. If your dog has excessive matting or skin conditions, treatments and special care may be needed so as to attain results at first. Maintentance clips are recommended 6 to 12 weeks apart.

German Shephard French tip nails
Double Coated breeds

Golden retrievers, German shephard, Labradore, Border collie, Husky, Japanese spitz, Corgi, Sheltland sheepdog, Malamute, Deshed and tidy up.

Clipping is not recommended for double breeds. These breeds are prone to hotspot skin issues, a regular deep cleansing bath is recommended and deshedding or brush out especially at the end of each season. Tidy up feet and ears. It’s amazing how much a little desheding and tidy up makes a difference.

Boxer Grooming
Smooth Coated Breeds

Doberman, Fox terrier, Smooth coated chihuahua, Smooth dachsund, Boxer, Staffy, Bull terrier.
Deshed if needed bath and blow dry tidy up if needed around feet. Nails are important to keep short. These breeds can have skin troubles so flea preventative and treatments are essential. You can have lots of fun with colours too. Turn your light coloured dog in to a tiger. leopard or give him a star or two, tatoo style, with semi permanent colours.

Grooming Terrier
Terrier Type Coated Breeds

Jack russel terrier, Snauzers, Airedale, West highland white terrier, Scottish terrier.
Clip or desheding and tidy up as required. Show dogs get hand stripped but usually either deshed or clipping is all that is required of your pet dog. Fleas and skin conditions should be treated promptly.

Long Fluffy coated breed, Afterg rooming
Long and Fluffy Coated Breeds

Maltese, Shitszu, Poodle, Bishon friese, Spaniels,
Breed clip bath and blow dry with extra treatments if your dog has skin issues. You can have lots of fun with colours and variety of clips available. Mohawks, ear and tail colours just to name a few.

grooming rainbow colouring
For a Bit of Fun and Colour

We can add a little bit fun in your day. Be popular at your local dog park or for your special occasion.

Cat Grooming Nail
Your Cat

Cats should be bathed from time to time. Especially thick coated and persian type coats need a thorough brushing out and bath to keep them in tip top condition and to stop fur balls from becoming a problem.

Grooming Prices

dog grooming

Dog Grooming Price

Hydrobath for dogs

  • Under 7 day board or as a day guest : $20 towel dry
  • Over 7 day board: Free
  • Blow dry & cologne : $30


  • Small dog clip + nails  (depending on time involved) : $70 approx
  • Large dog clip + nails: $88 approx.
  • Deshedding double coated breeds: $70 to $110
  • Tidy up brush out bath & blow dry: $45

Cologne and Bandana or bow included.

Nail Care

  • Nail clip only: $10
  • Nail colours: $10
  • French nails

Add on extras

  • Flea wash extra: $10
  • Medicated wash extra: $10
  • Soothing Camomile wash extra: $5

Colour style

These colours are semi permanent and will wash out in a few washes depending on the coat.

colours available: red, apple green, mint green, mid blue, purple, hot pink, rose pink, orange, chocolate, black

*colours can be mixed to match wedding or football colours.

  • Ears and tail colours or daisy attachment: add $15
  • Full theme colouring- Rainbow, Daisies, Hearts,Tiger, leopard or mohawk: add $50

Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming Price


  • Full lion clip with bath and blow dry including nails. :$110
  • Belly clip with bath and blow dry including nails: $95


  • Bath and brush out long haired cats including nails: $65
  • Short haired cats including nails: $40

Nail Care

Nail clip: $10

Coloured nail caps  includes nail clip. front paws $20 all paws $30


cat grooming Beenleigh

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