Frequently Asked Questions

Can my two dogs go in together?

Yes. We prefer your dogs 2 or more to go in together if they get on well at home. There are 3 different sized rooms from which you can choose to suit the needs of your dogs. At meal times we can separate them so that they each get the correct amount of food. However, if your dogs fight to cause injury, we will move them to separate rooms for their safety. If this happens the rates may change for the use of an extra room.

What happens when I want to pick up my pet out of your hours?

If you need to visit or pick up your pet out of our times, you may take advantage of our convenient pick up and delivery service in our air conditioned pet transport vehicle. You can book a pick up or delivery any time which suits you when you give at least 24 hours notice. Beenleigh Pet Motel is open 8am to 12 and 2pm to 5pm Monday to Saturday. Beenleigh Pet Motel is closed Sundays and public holidays.

Why must my dog or cat be vaccinated ?

Dogs should be vaccinated against at least parvo hepatitis distemper and bordetella brochiseptica C5 vaccination. Cats should be vaccinated at least for feline infectious Enteritis and Cat flu f 3. These diseases are potentially fatal. As we do not wish your pets health to be at risk we cannot accept them without an annual current vaccination certificate from a qualified vet. If your pet is due to be vaccinated whilst in our care, we can arrange and accompany your dog or cat to your vet if local or our vet and have the updated vaccination done.

What happens if my pet gets sick while a Beenleigh Pet Motel?

Beenleigh Pet Motel staff keep a close working relationships with the vets in the area. In the unlikely event your pet becomes ill he may be taken to the vet. All dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated before entry. You will sign a consent form when you bring your pet in for the first time so we have written permission to take your pet to the vet in an emergency. After hours vets are only minutes away.
Staff are trained to recognize illness and have pet first aid certificates. You will be notified as soon as possible if a vet visit is necessary. Toileting and general health is monitored everyday and recorded if a change is noticed. We have been able to provide symptoms to vets which sometimes can be missed at home. Further illness can often can be prevented.

What about fleas?

Beenleigh Pet Motel prides itself on having a flea and tick free environment. If your pet on entry shows signs of fleas or flea dirt, ticks or any other condition which may make her or him uncomfortable we will treat them. You will be charged at usual rates for these treatments if we find evidence of parasites.
Products used are fidos flea washes and shampoos, capstar tablets or other long term spot on treatments and are available at reception as well as advice.
It is important to let us know if you are treating your pet with any long term treatments prior to entry. We can give advice about how to treat the fleas on your pet and in your environment.

My Dog is not used to other dogs. How will be cope?

Beenleigh Pet Motel have private rooms designed to allow your dog or cat to be social at his own pace. Because of our purpose designed buildings and rooms, we can safely cater for the shyest puppy or elderly dog to the most boisterous large breed. Your dog can be in private accommodation as well have socialisation with fun structured supervised playtime or have a totally private human only experience because we know that some dogs don’t think they are dogs.
Dogs of a similar size are grouped beside each other, and your dog will have his or her private daytime outside courtyard.
Our supervised playtime activities in our large open grasssed area are designed for safety and fun and can be organised as often as you wish. The correct grouping of dogs can be a learning experience for your dog and he can often replace fear or anxiety with acceptance, fun and exercise. Our staff are in attendance 24/7 and are trained in dog behaviour and obedience.

My cat is shy. How will he cope?

Cats cope well when they have their own private room like they have at Beenleigh Pet Motel. Our staff spend time with your cat during the day and the rooms are furnished with places to hide until they are confident enough to venture into the open as well as tricky climbing play areas and scratchpoles to keep them amused.
After all we are a cats humble servants. Just ask your cat.

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